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The Gulfhof Klein Schulenburgerpolder is located between Norden / Norddeich, Marienhafe and Greetsiel on the northern edge of the Krummhörn.
Krummhörn is what the area north of Emden along the North Sea is called. In Low-German this name means “bend corner”, describing the shape of the coast in the area. In the very old settlements many old buildings have been preserved. Historic churches with numerous, well-preserved organs can be found. The organ in Rysum dates back to 1457 and is one of the oldest in the world. Krummhörn is ideal for exploring by bike, one example would be the 8 kilometre tour from Klein Schulenburgerpolder to Greetsiel. The landscape of the Krummhörn is dominated by agriculture with numerous drainage flumes (referred to as “Tief” in Ostfriesland), which offer various opportunities for boat trips.


Water park in Norddeich:
Bicycle rental in Norden, one among many:
Boat rental, one among many:
“Seal Station” in Norddeich:
Schlosspark Lütetsburg (Royal Gardens):
Kunsthalle Emden (Art Hall):
Tea Museum Norden:

Please note this list is not comprehensive. Daily event updates can be found in the local press.


The city of Norden offers a wide variety of shops. In Norddeich, some shops are also open on Sundays.


The Towns Pewsum, Greetsiel, Norden and Norddeich offer a wide variety of restaurants.